Start campaign of “Coca-Cola”

We have launched campaign of “Coca-Cola”.

Flare, provide advertisement to the body of ordinal car as advertising space and earn money by driving, has released new advertising campaign “Coca-Cola”.

Coca-Cola is a carbonated drink and produced by The Coca-Cola Company. It has been loved by everyone from all over the world through borders and culture for more than 120 years since birth.

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コカ・コーラはザ コカ・コーラ カンパニーが製造する炭酸飲料水です。誕生から120年以上にわたり国境や文化を越えて世界中の人々から愛されており、その規模は200以上の国や地域に及びます。







(For Drivers)

(For Advertisers)