Start campaign of “Omise”

We have launched campaign of “Omise”.

Flare, provide advertisement to the body of ordinal car as advertising space and earn money by driving, has released new advertising campaign “Omise”.

Omise is a company that develops online payment infrastructure for E-commerce business person in Southeast Asia and Japan. It manages whole payment methods in each Asian countries and provides services which can innovate online payment easily. End users can have fun with online shopping with an easy mind. They received “Digital Startup of the Year” (PRIME MINISTER DIGITAL AWARDS 2017) from prime minister of Thailand.

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2017年9月にはタイ首相より「デジタル・スタートアップ・オブ・ザ・イヤー (Digital Startup Of The Year)」(PRIME MINISTER DIGITAL AWARD 2017) を受賞しています。







(For Drivers)

(For Advertisers)