Start campaign of “Shopee”

We have launched campaign of “Shopee”

Flare, provide advertisement to the body of ordinal car as advertising space and earn money by driving, has released new advertising campaign “Shopee”.

Shopee is an online shopping application which sells  such as clothes, digital devices, cosmetic and so on by sea which manages shopping, online game, online payment and so on.   Shopee is being used not only in Thailand, but also Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Philippines, and Indonesia.

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Shopee とはショッピング、オンラインゲーム、デジタル決済など複数のインターネットビジネスを手がける sea が始めた、洋服や化粧品、カメラや携帯などを販売するオンラインショッピングアプリです。現在タイ以外にもシンガポール、マレーシア、中国、台湾、フィリピン、インドネシアで利用されています。







(For Drivers)

(For Advertisers)