We launched “ Flare ” iOS ver.

We launched “ Flare ” iOS ver.

“Flare”, provide advertisement to the body of ordinal car as advertising space and earn money, starts to launch app for iOS.

App for iOS “Flare” has been released.

Flare (Thailand) Co,Ltd.has launched app “Flare” for iOS

Download here

(For Android here)

According to our survey, the rate of smartphone users in Thailand is 70% which is more than Japan. In Japan, there are 70% for iOS and 30% for Android. However, there are 20% for iOS and around 80% for Android in Thailand which are totally opposite from Japan. Thus your car can be registered by both Android and iOS in Flare to provide more advertising space for advertisers. We are going to make the amount of registered users increase and expand people’s awareness of Flare more and more.


【About Flare】

“Flare” is a service which driver can earn money by proving body of your own car as advertising space.

Advertisers can check data of the car which run with your advertisement, situation of your budget, and the amount of impression in real time, so it can be optimized which never existed in previous OOH advertising.

Since launching the App in July 2017, more than 500 drivers have registered in August 2017.

・Download for Android: https://goo.gl/vNiA73

・Download for iOS: https://goo.gl/D2Gm3v

・Official site: https://flare.run/

・Facebook page:

(For Drivers)    https://www.facebook.com/flare.runTH/

(For Advertisers)https://www.facebook.com/flareAd/












(For Drivers)https://www.facebook.com/flare.runTH/

(For Advertisers)https://www.facebook.com/flareAd/